Spree and Shopify E-Commerce Development Services

Attract more online traffic and sales with a custom ecommerce website. Truemark will provide you custom, responsive ecommerce website development services built on Shopify and Spree to create any universal and unique features needed for smooth customer journeys.

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Spree Vs Shopify


Spree is a free e-commerce platform which means you are the sole owner and manager of your eCommerce store. This modular platform allows you to add, configure or replace any functionality you need, so it’s possible to build the store exactly the way you want. If you intend to build an store or a B2C or B2B marketplace and you are prepared to invest some money and resources into customizations, Spree is the right choice especially if you’re in eCommerce for the long run.


Create an ideal store with fully customization.
Ruby on Rails community offer solid and reliable support.
Fast, flexible and powerful backend admin system.



App and Theme development for Spree with add-ons like Q/A, Reviews, Payment gateways and Wishlist.


Spree is open source and free with practically limitless.

Flexible, Fast and Affordable

Spree is the right choice for individuals and business looking for flexible, fast and affordable e-Commerce hosting solution.


Shopify is an easy-to-use e-commerce solution which means your Shopify store is created, hosted and managed by the solution itself. Starting a Shopify store is as easy as signing up for an account and modifying existing templates. Basically, Shopify acts as a website builder. If your business simply wants to start selling products online and to have a quick start, Shopify may be a perfect match.


Simplest to use admin panel.
Supports over 100 payment processors worldwide.
Helpful add-ons for store expansion.


Powerful Features and Integrations

Shopify offers powerful features and integrations to help you grow your business.

Build app and Custom Theme

We help you build app and custom theme for Shopify.

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Our Services

B2B Marketplace Development Solutions

We will help you to make sophisticated B2B marketplace management software that can support a wide variety of outlets and sophisticated marketing and personalization initiatives.

B2C Marketplace Development Solutions

We will analyze your project idea and provide you with the right B2C marketplace functionality that will be convenient, with the most advanced technology stack.

On-Demand Marketplace Development Solutions

We will analyze your project idea and provide you a solution that will convince both parties (buyer and seller) of the inherent value of being an active participant on your platform.

Single Vendor Marketplace Development Solutions

Any single entrepreneur who want to sell only one seller’s merchandise, we will help to make flexible marketplace which you can customize to accommodate your business needs.

Multi Vendor Marketplace Development Solutions

We will help you to create your own flexible, powerful and customizable service marketplace platform who want to sell many different products in a single marketplace.

We can simplify tech aspect of your e-Commerce business

we help you turn your idea into reality with

Our Web Development Process


Creating a vision for the website or app, Market research and Brainstorm ideas along with Competitor analysis


Understanding the needs and Design lo-fi and Hi-fi


Creating and prototyping user interface

Project Release

Launch the project

Quality Analysis and Testing

Testing the developed process i.e. Check security, usability, functionality, performance and compatibility


Developing the design with Backend Development and Overall Intergaration

Integrate our development process in your project


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