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What is scrum methodology?

What is scrum methodology?

Scrum Working Process

Scrum methodology brings team members together to implement an agile framework for the successful completion of the task. Professionals love it because its unique features reduce the efforts of developers without declining their efficiency. It encourages learning and improving through experiences and mistakes where each team member sorts out any work-related problems.

In other words, scrum is the essence of teamwork. The scrum framework supports the continuous learning process. It enables a better learning environment. It believes that the team will acquire knowledge of everything through the experience. Scrum makes team members flexible to adjust to changing conditions according to the user requirements. There are no perfect theories on how scrum team should work but now the three pillars Communication, Transparency, and Dedication are vital in every framework.

How does the scrum work?

Like in the rugby team, all the players put heads together, and have a chat before and during the game; in software development, the same method applies i.e. you need to communicate your ideas to your development team because teamwork is very crucial. Only then a team of developers puts their heads together to solve any problems that arise. Scrum software development begins with the Backlog, where the team discusses on:-

  • The backlog

  • Tasks needed to be completed

  • The time required to complete the task

Scrum runs on Sprints. Sprints are time invested in the actual development of software products. It generally takes a week to a month to complete the task from backlog to sprint review. Sprint is for creating a saleable product. Sprint is done at the end as a task is completed. The team then selects another backlog to start with a separate sprint. Sprint lasts either up to the deadline of the project or with the budget.In day to day scrum, the team review progress since the last meetings and plan for the next day. The team conducts a short meeting of fewer than 15 minutes of duration. Each member has to attend the meeting. The scrum leader keeps the focus of the meeting on a fixed goal.

Benefits of Scrum

Software developers use scrum as a tool for the quick transfer of their projects. Each member involve themselves to attain a common goal. They have the freedom to make their own decision. This is why the developer's team accepts it. The team follows an open data exchange practice. Moreover, each member can view their daily progress and achievements which motivates them in their works. The documentation process on scrum is quite shorter than the other and it focuses on people. The customer is directly involved in the scrum, so, it is a customer-centric process and it believes in delivering quality service. The decentralized management practice is one of the main features of the Scrum. Here are some reasons how scrum can actually improve the software development process:

  1. Each sprint finalizes a product and makes readily available for the market. In a sprint, the team addresses the requirements according to their priority, which in turn helps to produce a quality product with minimum market risk.

  2. The requirements are addressed according to the need since the product owner is also a part of the scrum team. The incremental process followed by the team can shorten the actual time required to launch a product by 30 to 40 percent.

  3. Scrum projects run on higher return investment (ROI) which is achieved through:

    • Shortened time to reach the market.
    • Timely feedback mechanisms. It allows making corrections on the project when it is less costly.
    • Minimal faults and less costly to solve
  4. The team reviews each sprint before moving to the next sprints, and they follow this process throughout each step of software development.

  5. The focus of the project shifts with market conditions and new business scenarios.

Now, you know how scrum works. If you are still in confusion, Truemark will help you clear all your confusions. We will help you in applying the best methodology in your projects. So, let's come together to build the application.

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Prakash Poudel

Prakash Poudel


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