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How to market an app successfully?

App Marketing

Marketing is a simple strategic technique to win over people, this can sometimes be the hardest thing to decide on. With the power to click on personal interests and desires, marketing can provide good respect for the product.

Application development is not a one day process. It takes a lot of time to develop a flawless application. Throughout the development period, you will have to invest a big sum of money too.

Things are okay until you develop an application, the real hustle will start after you complete the application development process.

After the development of the application, the biggest challenge is marketing the app.

Did you know there are 2.8 million applications on the play store? Can you even tell the name of 30 applications?

No, because only a few numbers of applications have succeeded to make an impression in your mind. So, marketing is important to create the impression of that application on people's minds. Then only there are chances that the application will be downloaded and will get popular.

Even the marketing process is an expensive process as people spend thousands of dollars on advertisements to sell their products and barely make any progress. So, we need to be wise so that the marketing process becomes more effective.

Here are some very effective marketing ideas that one must know before starting the marketing campaign of an application.

Research using social networks

Social Media

Things flow so fast in social media and nobody knows what content is going to create a buzz. Your content or video or application could get viral in a few hours if loved by the people.

You should start from the free platform, social media could be the best place for marketing. Why pay for marketing if your application can get popular for free.

Everyone must know about the iconic game 'Flappy Bird' developed by Dong Nguyen. The game became viral within a month. It stood as the #1 free app in the US app store, had 50 million downloads and was tweeted 16 million times in just a span of 28 days. He never paid a single penny for the marketing of the game he developed cause Twitter and other social media made the game viral.

Digital platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, etc. can be the best choice for marketing. With basic ideas and principles, everyone can market their products.

All you need to do is analyze what your app is developed for and then start gathering people with the same interest. The people you gathered here will be your final target audience to use your product. You can get feedback and review from your audience on social media. You can collect their feedback and reviews, and then add more features to make the application more interesting.

Research for the need that the audience is seeking for and update as per their need.

Create a perfect landing page

Landing Page

You will never get a second chance to make the best first impression.

Create a very attractive landing page so that the visitors feel friendly with your application in a fraction of seconds.

Also, the landing page should explain well about the app. It's not a big process, it is a very subtle process. The visitors should be able to learn about your application by a glimpse of the landing page using only their intuition.

Every detail counts while designing the landing page. Color palette, graphics, illustrations, fonts, everything should be precise and on point. The navigation on the landing page should be very clear, also, it should be alluring enough to make the visitors explore other sections of your application.

Using the landing page will work better than running ads or email campaigns and this is much faster than search engine optimization as well.

Create a demo video of an app

Demo VIdeo

Instead of reading, humans understand better by seeing. The demo video of your app will visually describes the app more clearly.

The video should be short and should be interesting to watch in order to reach the audience. The video will be better if screenshots of the app are added and this will be more engaging. The most popular technique to make the video is to include the most interesting part of your app.

Add a reward in an app

People focus on getting something free from the app as a gift so, adding in-app rewards will surely bring many audiences to use the app. This is a much more effective way of marketing. People won’t be able to control themselves to test their luck which will surely make much traffic on the app.

Identify the most targeted SEO and ASO


Here too SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and ASO (App Store Optimization) matters. The main aim of marketing is to gather as many users as they can. While searching for an app, people initially type the category of an app to look for the best app.

For example, if people need music app they tend to search for a keyword ”best music app”. This will generate a large list of apps related to music. In this case, the SEO will surely make your app to be in the top rank.

Create an eye catchy icon

Eye Catchy Icon

Most of the time people download the app by looking at the icon. The more eye-catchy the icon is, the more audience you will get.

The play store is populated with millions of different categories. The user chooses the app with an attractive icon thinking that is the best.

Respond to all the reviews

Reviews from the users are important for future updates of the app. The habit of responding to reviews will prevent your app ranking to fall down. Responding to reviews will make an honest relationship between the users and the developer.

Try to describe the tips to fix the problem and make sure to convince the user about the issue will be fixed soon. Also, be more respectful while responding and thank users for their time to leave reviews as they are helping you to succeed.

Updating about app through blog post


Many people search for a detailed description of the app and it is good to make the users keep updated through blogs. The blogs should be well written about the new features, fixes, and different changes made on the app.

The blog can be written showing the guides to use the app for beginners and describe the use of the app for different age group people. This will bring more audience feedback about the app that will help to make the app more interesting.

These are the perfect techniques to market an app successfully. Please comment if any important point is missed and also let us know which secret marketing strategy you are using to promote your app.



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